Opening hours
Cuisine Mon-Sun 11.30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Restaurant Mon-Sun 11.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.


a small excerpt

Vespers and tarte flambée

Black Forest delicacies

Viertäler ham platter 14,90 Euro
Black Forest Sunday vesper 19,90 Euro
Bergsee specialities 34,00 Euro
Swiss sausage salad 12,90 Euro
Käsebrett 11,50 Euro
Black Forest tarte flambée 12,90 Euro
Vegetarian tarte flambée 12,90 Euro

Salads and Soups

for the small hunger

Beef bouillon with crêpe stripes
5,00 Euro
Black Forest wedding soup 6,50 Euro
Beef noodle soup 6,90 Euro
Goulash soup 6,90 Euro
Small mixed salad 6,90 Euro
Bergsee salad plate 14,50 Euro
Large mixed salad with grilled turkey stripes
16,90 Euro


Enjoyment from the water world

Cold juniper-smoked trout fillets
18,50 Euro
Black Forest trout „meunière“ 23,50 Euro
Pickled fillets of herring 16,90 Euro
Norwegian salmon steak 24,50 Euro


Fine grilled

Holzmacher steak 13,50 Euro
Black Forest steak 17,50 Euro
Bergsee rump steak 20,90 Euro
Pepper beefsteak 22,90 Euro
Black Forest rump steak 25,90 Euro
Bergsee fillet steak 29,90 Euro

Schnitzel & various

Food from almost all over the world

Jägerschnitzel 17,90 Euro
Black Forest brisket of beef
18,90 Euro
Pork knuckle 16,50 Euro
Curry sausage with a hot, spicy sauce
12,00 Euro
Spaghetti „Bolognese“ 12,90 Euro
Coarse Bratwurst 14,90 Euro

Menu for Children

for our little guests

Little breaded schnitzel, vegetables and fries
8,90 Euro
Spätzle with creamy sauce 4,90 Euro
Spaghetti with tomato sauce or minced meat sauce 6,90 Euro
Potato fritter with apple sauce
6,90 Euro
Hamburger and fries 9,90 Euro
Chicken nuggets with fries 8,90 Euro